The Worldwide Impact of the Broadcast

Rhema Praise features the all-encompassing ministry of God’s Word through the preaching and teaching of Rhema Bible Church’s Senior Pastor, Kenneth W. Hagin.  In the opening and closing portions of the program you can enjoy the positive energy and excitement of Ken and Lynette.  Together, they convey their hearts to you, the people who are directly affected by the fruitful outreaches of Rhema, and whom support the growth and success of Kenneth Hagin Ministries as partners and friends.

The truth remains that many people never hear about the great things happening in the world today as a result of what takes place at Rhema.  It all begins on the centrally located ministry campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Rhema’s impact is multifaceted and global.  Ken and Lynette share information about this aspect of Rhema including a growing number of international schools, missionaries, conferences, seminars, Living Faith Crusades, the Rhema for Today radio broadcast and podcast, Rhema prayer requests, testimonies, Word Partner Club news and so much more!  Rhema Praise focuses on the entire scope of the ministry, while delivering the immediate message from Rhema Bible Church’s services. 

Ken and Lynette enjoy embracing that one-on-one time with you.  So, we invite you to join them for Rhema Praise and get better acquainted with this special couple and become more excited about God’s plan in the earth through Rhema.

Behind the Scenes

The crew coordinates around the Rhema Praise set.  Expectation for good things to happen builds as Revs. Kenneth and Lynette Hagin prepare to welcome our countless viewers around the world including our partners, newcomers, and familiar friends

For a brief moment, everything winds down as The Hagins pause for a moment of prayer which envelops “all the world” in it.

Afterwards, Lynette’s assistant helps her with the final touches, the producer, director, video and audio engineers, and camera ops take their places and standby for the count down: “3-2-1”. 

Now, it’s all systems go!  Everyone’s in place, lights are on, cameras are in sync and the action begins!  Worldwide ministry is in progress.

This is a behind the scenes view of Rhema Praise.  Ken and Lynette are confident that as they open their hearts to you concerning the Word of God that you will in turn open your heart to know more about Him.