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January 2018


The Power of Compassion

6 Jan2018 TonyMcKinnon SinglePg// Tony McKinnon

COMPASSION IS A VEHICLE for God's power to ride on. Whenever Jesus was moved with compassion, He did something miraculous! What does this mean for us? As His ambassadors, our understanding of compassion will affect how we allow the Holy Spirit to flow through us to others.

In the Gospels, we see this truth: compassion moved the Master to perform the miraculous. For example, we read in Luke 7 that Jesus walked up and wrecked a funeral!


A Shelter From the Storm

7 Jan2018 Bentons ReportingArticleSPECIAL REPORT

CARL AND BELINDA BENTON returned home to Louisiana after graduating from Rhema Bible Training College in 1989. As they were preparing to pioneer a church in Lafayette, they gave business cards to everyone they met. Despite their best efforts, word of mouth advertising wasn't enough. The Bentons needed a bigger platform to get the word out about their new church. God provided the perfect way.

At that time, Kenneth E. Hagin's radio program, Faith Seminar of the Air, was broadcast every morning in Lafayette. The Bentons began airing an ad about their church immediately after Brother Hagin's program. The ad made the church known to the community and drew many people to


A Commonsense Approach to Fasting

8 Jan2018 KEH SinglePg// Kenneth E. Hagin

THERE IS NO Bible example of fasting before the time of Moses. But it is presumed that the patriarchs fasted until Moses' time. We think this because there was a great deal of mourning among people of the Old Covenant.

In the New Testament, people fasted to minister to the Lord, ordain men to the ministry, and seek God in times of crisis. YOU MUST ALWAYS HAVE A PURPOSE FOR FASTING. Don't fast just because someone tells you to.

It is good to fast when things are pressing in on you, and you need to wait on God prayerfully. The Lord may speak to you and lead you to fast. If


You’re Not Alone, We All Make Mistakes

9 Jan2018 BrendaThomas SinglePg// Brenda Thomas

THERE IS NOT a person alive who hasn't made more than one mistake. We've all said and done things that we have later regretted. I know sometimes I've said something and then I wanted to go back and say, "OH, LET'S REWIND THAT TAPE. I DIDN'T REALLY MEAN THAT." We'd all like to be able to go back in time and say, "Hey, let's wipe that out of our memories." Sometimes I think God allows our human side to take over just to get us to lighten up and stop taking ourselves so seriously and stop over-spiritualizing our mistakes.

We're all looking for someone else to blame. Who caused this? Was it the devil? Was it God? Most of the time we just need to look in the mirror and admit, "I blew it. I failed. I really messed up." The right response is to recognize our part in the situation, admit our wrongdoing, and tell


Prophets or Fortune Tellers? How to Measure Prophecy

10 Jan2018 KEHarticle TimelessTeaching// Kenneth E. Hagin

BELIEVERS WHO INQUIRE about God's direction in their lives through a prophet are on dangerous ground. Under the New Covenant, prophets are not placed in the Church to lead, guide, or direct people's lives. In fact, believers can wreak havoc in their lives by going to a prophet for guidance. Why? Because we are to be led by the Spirit of God (Rom. 8:14), not prophets.

One time a wealthy businessman came to one of my meetings. The minute I saw him, the Lord spoke to me about him. He had started going to a so-called prophetess for direction before he would make any business deal. But it wasn't the Holy Spirit that was in operation through her. She was nothing more than a fortune teller.

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