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A Christmas Wish: From Stressed to Blessed (2)

WOF 12 12 Pic1// Kenneth W. Hagin

Stress is something we have to deal with continually. Actually, this time of year there seems to be more stress on people. But God wants to help us with our stress!


How to Handle Pressure

NewsPic WEBArticle 1//Kenneth W. Hagin

I've noticed that some Christians can't handle pressure or adversity in their walk with the Lord. As long as everything is going fine and the devil isn't exerting too much pressure on them, they're okay. But the minute they encounter problems or things don't fall into place, they go to pieces.

First Peter 5:7 instructs Christians to cast all of their cares on the Lord. I know this is not always easy to do. But when the pressure is on, it's the only way to walk above the circumstances and not be buried by them.

The next time you are under pressure and you are tempted to cave in, here are some things you can do. If you follow these four simple steps, you will be able to overcome pressure instead of pressure overcoming you.


Second Chances

Item2 Article pic//Kenneth W. Hagin

Have you ever wanted a fresh start in life? Some people hope to get a new start by moving to a different city or state. They think they can erase their past failures by going somewhere new. Unfortunately, this never happens. Why? Because they take with them the same old attitudes and habits that guarantee their continued unhappiness.

People don't realize that they don't have to move to start over. They can stay right where they are and receive a second chance in the midst of their failures.


Leaving Your Past; Pursuing God's Plan

Leaving-Your-Past-Pursuing-Gods-Planby Kenneth W. Hagin

If you want to fulfill God's purpose for your life, you must first understand that you have a divine destiny. You will never fulfill what you don't know you have, and you must learn to leave the past behind.


Transformed by the Presence of God

Transformed by the Presence of GodBy Jerry Weinzierl

Every one of us desires to improve himself in one area or another. You may desire to be a better parent, a better spouse, a better employee, or just a better Christian.


The Restoration Power of God

The Restoration Power of GodBy Brenda Thomas

Whatever the enemy has tried to take away from you, God wants to restore it. God wants to make it better than before. That’s the kind of Father He is. Every day we have choices put before us. We can be tempted to get hurt, wounded, or depressed. We can complain and remain in the same awful condition. Or we can praise God and be raised up.


The Need for Modern-Day Timothys

Modern Day TimothysBy Tony Cooke

Leaders in the Body of Christ today are searching for workers who will be loyal, faithful, and provide quality service. They need people like Timothy, a man who remains a sterling example of how supportive ministers can assist leaders today.


The Good Man

The Good ManBy Keith Butler

The steps of a GOOD MAN are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way.

—Psalms 37:23

The phrase “good man” is found in both the New and Old Testaments. Studying the Hebrew and Greek use of this phrase yields definitions such as “literally or morally valuable; virtuous” and “better man; honest man; worthy man; well-favored man.” The Word of God also gives some particular attributes of a “good man.”


Single and Not Looking

Single and Not LookingAn Interview With Chris Burge

Question: What is the biggest issue facing Christian singles today?

Burge: Christian singles are always asking, “Where do I go to meet the right person?” but I believe that’s the wrong perspective. I believe that you have to first become the right person and then God will send the right mate to you. We need to change our focus from, “Where do I go to find people,” to, “How can I become the type of person I would like the Lord to send me?”


It’s Okay to Cry

It's ok to cryBy Tony Cooke

“Many Christians said things like, ‘Oh, I heard your dad died. Praise the Lord, he’s in Heaven,’ and, ‘He was saved, right? Then you don’t have anything to be concerned about.’ Those comments seemed so insensitive. I know my father was saved, but I still missed him in the natural. Some people forget that we are still human and have emotions. A mere, ‘I’m sorry to hear about your dad,’ spoken sincerely by non-Christians was more comforting than some of the church things I heard.”


Good Habits: Change Your Life for the Better One Day at a Time

Good HabitsBy Kate McVeigh

Wherever you are in life right now, your habits brought you to that place, whether good or bad. And with God’s help and love, your life can change for the better starting now—by changing your habits. You do that one day at a time, little by little.


The Battle and Our Armor

The Battle and Our ArmorBy Rev. Doug Jones

The battle within the mind is unavoidable. No one is immune from experiencing this conflict. It’s a battle that has been and will continue to be fought by every person until Jesus returns.