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September 2017



6 Sept2017 KWHarticle// Kenneth W. Hagin

HAVE YOU EVER heard the anonymous saying, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything?" William Lipscomb Jr. is credited with saying, "If your position is everywhere, your momentum is zero." In other words, if you're here, there, and everywhere, you will never accomplish anything.

Sometimes people get knocked out of their position because of circumstances. Unfortunately, some never fully recover to where they could have been if they had stayed where they were supposed to be.


All Things Really Are Possible

7 Sept2017 CWHarticle// Craig W. Hagin

IN LIFE, there are very few situations we go through that are truly impossible. We might experience something that seems highly unlikely to happen. We may even face circumstances that appear to be against "most" odds.

We need to understand that what we're going through is probably not impossible. But even if it were, it doesn't matter. The Word says, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God" (Luke 18:27 NKJV).


The Man Who Couldn’t Be Saved

8 Sept2017 KEHarticle SinglePg// Kenneth E. Hagin

GIPSY SMITH, the British evangelist, used to tell a story about a man who came to the altar in one of his London meetings. Gipsy saw others hadn't been able to help him, and he was struggling, so he went over to talk to him.

The man said, "I can't be saved." "Oh yes, you can," Gipsy said. He told him no matter how deep in sin he was, God would save him.

The man said, "You don't understand. I work in the bookkeeping department of a certain company. I've stolen 10,000 pounds over the years and covered it up. If I get saved, I'll have to straighten this up. My boss is a hard man. He'll have me put in the penitentiary!"


Rockets Over Rhema 2017

9 Sept2017 ROR ReportingarticleAS STORMS THREATENED in the distance, Rockets Over Rhema began with a bang. The talented members of Rhema Bible Church shared their hearts and passions with the patriotic musical Let Freedom Ring! Between the videos, music, and skits, the auditorium was filled with laughter and standing ovations honoring those in the United States armed forces.

The joyful showcase was not dampened by the rain that swept across the campus. Awaiting dry skies outside were inflatable games, face painting, an array of vehicles in the car show, and the delicious carnival-style food fare. Synergy Band moved indoors to the Rhema Bible Church auditorium stage and kicked off the concert.


The Holy Spirit’s Constant Presence

10 Sept2017 SeedThoughtsSeed Thoughts

// Lynette Hagin

RECENTLY WHEN I arrived at my office, I discovered that I had left my cell phone at home. "No big deal," I thought. "I should be able to survive eight hours without my cell phone." I had access to my office phone if I needed to contact someone. I was going over my paperwork when suddenly I needed information that was on my cell phone. My thoughts were, "I'll take care of that tomorrow."