What God Hath Wrought!

Below are the updates and information that was published in the very first The Word of Faith, published in 1968.

by Ward B. Chandler

When we met Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Hagin in Houston, Texas six years ago we had the witness of the Spirit in our heart relative to the unusual prophetic-teaching ministry of the Word resident in this choice servant of the Lord. Accordingly, at several intervals we have been privileged to enjoy his ministry as we have attended his revival meetings when he has been in our area.

We also had a firm conviction that the ministry of this humble servant of God deserved a much broader circulation. Frankly, we longed for thousands instead of hundreds to enjoy the rich teaching of the word, as well as the end-time prophecy, and the gifts of healing that accompany his ministry at various times. But as we pondered the difficulties involved in promoting a ministry such as this: a ministry geared and presented in a humility that would never allow the usual, circus methods of publicity, we naturally wondered just how the great power inherent in this man could ever be harnessed and brought forth to the people by the thousands instead of the hundreds who were attending his meetings in those days. But God had a plan, and He knew how! It was our privilege to be in one of Brother Hagin's revival meetings in Houston, Texas when a brother minister prophesied that a radical change would take place in his ministry -- that God was sending him forth to minister to the vast host of people coming into the fullness of the Spirit from the historic churches.

Now we can see this coming to pass just as it was spoken some four or five years ago. (Brother Hagin says that the prophecy was a confirmation of what the Lord had already shown him.) God has already performed a miracle of multiplying this dynamic ministry to thousands all across the nation through the printed page in books and faith lessons and by tapes and radio. You can imagine my joy then, on a recent trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Headquarters of the Kenneth E. Hagin Evangelistic Association to see this ministry growing by leaps and bounds.

We repeat, it has been one victory (or miracle) after another as the Lord has made possible the expansion of and broadening of this faith building message.

First of all the Lord has made it possible for his servant to purchase a home base (though it is not all paid for yet -- see elsewhere) from which he could operate successfully. The building, at 1029 North Utica St. in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which formerly housed the T.L. Osborne headquarters, was made available to Brother Hagin at a price of approximately one third of its value, around $30,000. For the unbelievable price of what a nice home would cost (these days) they have, on the ground floor of this block and stone building plenty of office space to grow in, and a chapel that will seat some 250 people. On the second floor the Hagins have a nice apartment for living quarters along with another adequate apartment for his office manager (son-in-law Buddy Harrison and family). Still there is upstairs room for another worker's apartment if needed.

Since it was necessary to spend several thousand dollars in repairs and equipment, there is still a sizable balance owing on these fine quarters, and we urge you to pray about helping Brother Hagin pay the property off completely so that he may operate free of debt. Large or small sum in monthly payments will be greatly appreciated.

Miracle number two was the coming of Rev. Buddy Harrison, who was an assistant pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to work as office manager along with his talented wife, Pat. These fine young people have made a financial sacrifice to Follow the leadings of the Lord in this matter and God has blessed them in their labors, for Him. We never saw a neater, cleaner, better organized office anywhere, but they are going to need help in the near future to carry the load. Pray for these choice young people.

Miracle number three is radio. The Lord has opened up two stations, (Dallas and Albuquerque), and there is promise of more to come soon. Why not pray and ask the Lord to help you sponsor one of these Faith Building Programs on your local station for a few months. God is blessing His word, and you will be rewarded.

Miracle number four is a fast growing Tape ministry. Tapes by the hundred, laden with a might power-packed message of the Living Word, now go all over the United States, and the end is not yet! We feel sure that this is only the beginning. Let's pray for Brother and Sister Hagin that God will richly regard them for their long years of service to him and His ministry of the Word. Ask the Lord what He would have you do to further multiply this much-needed, end-time message.