Heart to Heart April 2016

1 April2016 KWH H2HRefuse to Quit

// Kenneth W. Hagin

Over the years, I have seen many people start out believing God for things. They were excited at first, but when the answer didn't come as soon as they thought it should, they quit believing. They fizzled out in their faith.

Did you know that every minute you remain in faith about something, you are a minute closer to realizing the fulfillment of what you are believing for? But if you give up and quit, you stop your blessings in their tracks. And that's what Satan wants. He is doing everything he can in this earth realm, in the realm of your senses, to try to get you to back off from believing and trusting God.

You are going to have to persevere through the pain, the obstacles, and the thoughts and feelings that come to tell you that God's Word is not true—or that it's not true for you.

You see, the blessings of God do not come automatically. Yes, Jesus paid the price for your victory, deliverance, health, and prosperity. But to have the abundant life He came to give, you must fight the good fight of faith. How do you do that? By refusing to give up on God's Word, even when the circumstances don't line up. Start talking abundance, healing, and whatever it is you need before you ever see it in the natural. What you say and continue to believe will be what you ultimately experience.

I encourage you, look beyond the natural facts to the greater facts of God's Word. God is greater than your circumstances. And if you will hold on to Him and His Word, you will enter the place of victory in Christ that He has provided for you.

We've got a great magazine for you this month! If you need further encouragement to stand strong in faith, be sure to check out my article on page 4. And while you're reading, remember, God is greater!

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