Heart to Heart January 2015

08 wof pic1Tomorrow Begins Today

// Kenneth W. Hagin

Many people say, "If I can just make it until tomorrow, my problems will all be over." No, they won't. If you don't do anything today about your problems, they will still be with you tomorrow. If you want to change your tomorrows, then change your todays. Tomorrow—your future—starts right now.

What is the first step toward a successful tomorrow? We find the answer in Joshua chapter 3. Joshua told the people," 'Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you' " (v. 5 NIV). Consecration. For the Israelites, this meant getting themselves physically pure in order to be able to move with God. For us, it means that we set ourselves apart from the world's system and ways of doing things. We give every area of our lives over to the Lord.

You see, if we want a successful future, we must be consecrated to God and His Word in the face of any obstacle that comes along. It's easy to consecrate or commit ourselves to something when life is going great. It's another thing to be consecrated when everything is going wrong and it looks as though we're going backward instead of forward. As we say in my home state of Texas, we must be submitted lock, stock, and barrel. Because it's when we're submitted wholly and completely that God is able to use us.

Begin to do something about your tomorrow—today! Who you are today determines who you are tomorrow. What you do today determines where you're able to go tomorrow. What you think and say today determines your attitude tomorrow. That's why it's so important to consecrate yourself to the Lord. Your tomorrow begins today!

If you're ready to change your tomorrow and make 2015 your best year ever, don't miss a single page of this month's magazine. My dad's mini-article on page 19 will help you get your finances in order. And my article on page 4 will help you receive all God has for you—today. Happy new year!