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The Spiritual Tides Are Rising

0607 Pic 6Kenneth and Lynette Hagin's first Living Faith Crusade of 2014 began on a high note. From the chords of the first song, it was clear that the people at Abundant Life Fellowship in Roseville, California, craved more of God and His presence. Many in the congregation came to the front of the auditorium during worship, and the anointing was strong and tangible.

The crusade worship team is usually time conscious. They want to turn the service over to Kenneth Hagin sooner rather than later. But on the crusade's second night, worship lasted an hour and ten minutes, even though to everyone in the building it seemed like only 20 minutes!

Expectancy hung in the air as the congregation pulled on the ministry gifts. And in response,the Holy Spirit flowed through Rev. Hagin in exceptional ways.

During the crusade healing service, as many as 600 people came forward to have hands laid on them. At least one third of those testified later that they could feel an immediate difference in their bodies!

After the final service, the crusade team quickly packed up and headed five hours south to Antelope Valley Christian Fellowship in Lancaster, California. There they met with the same hunger, expectancy, and anointing.

During the healing service in that crusade, Kenneth Hagin called out specific problems: stomach ailments, shoulder pain, and fear of having a heart attack. He also called forward those who had lost their passion for the Lord and wanted the fire of God. Members of the crusade team said there weren't many dry eyes in the building. They could see on the people's faces how God had touched them.

If you're facing what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, make your way to the nearest Living Faith Crusade. Don't miss out on what God can do for you.

To learn more about these special meetings and when the Hagins will be in a city near you, visit rhema.org/lfcschedule.



Look What the Lord Has Done!  

God is moving in the lives of His people. Here are a few testimonies of answered prayer.

"Last month I called to request prayer regarding my bone marrow. Today I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor told me there was no sign of cancer!" // R.R., Riverside, CA

"Thank you for sending me a prayer cloth. Within two days of wearing it, I was healed of severe back pain." // T.O., Wasilla, AK

"A prayer partner prayed for my left arm that was swollen, black and blue, and painful. A few days later, it is absolutely perfect!" // E.S., Fleming Island, FL

"I had severe pain in my side. An ultrasound showed gallstones and several cysts on my liver. I started listening to Rev. Kenneth Hagin's tape on healing for two months straight—day and night. Needless to say, on April 11, 2013,
all the tests showed there is nothing wrong. Everything is healthy!" // F.H., Richmond, VA

"I had an infection in my hand so bad that the doctor was going to cut it off. But some brothers who study your books prayed for me that my hand would be healed. The next morning when the doctor looked at my hand, he couldn't understand how it got healed!" // L.F., Jonesville, VA

"I wanted to say thank you for your prayers. I had an exam for my job a few weeks ago and passed with flying colors. I got a raise and promotion!" // S.B., Charlotte, NC

"In Jamaica, I was helped by reading The Believer's Authority after being bound by fear for many years. God allowed a friend to give me that book . . . and through reading it, I realized I had authority over the spirit of fear. I've been free now for many years." // M.J., Brooklyn, NY