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Going God's Way

0607 Pic 4//Kenneth W. Hagin

Check out this
excerpt from the book Listen to
Your Heart!

When you seek direction from God, don't try to figure out His plan for you with your mind or physical senses. It's easy to do that. You begin to think, "This happened and that happened, so this is what I should do." That conclusion may seem right at first. But if it's not God's plan for your life, it can end in failure.

The Bible says you are to walk by faith in God and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7). You can't be moved by what your physical senses tell you about a situation. Follow what God's Word and the Holy Spirit tell you. That's living according to your spirit!

Of course, it's true that your physical senses sometimes give you information you should pay attention to. For instance, when you touch a hot stove, your sense of touch will tell you, "Take your hand off that stove quickly!" You need to obey that! What I'm talking about are those problems you face in life that don't seem to have a solution on this earth. Your physical senses may tell you, "Run from this problem!" Your mind might say, "There's no way out!"

In this kind of situation, you need to receive the Holy Spirit's direction and stand on God's Word without wavering. You need to make up your mind to believe the Word no matter what you see, feel, or think.
What Will You Listen To?

Successfully following God's plan for your life depends on what you choose to listen to. Will you listen to your physical senses? Or will you listen to the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit? In spiritual matters, if you just listen to your physical senses or your mind, you are in danger of losing your joy. You're in danger of losing the victories God intends for you to have in life according to His Word.

For example, if you focus your attention on what you see on the news, you can become depressed thinking about the problems in this world today. You may wonder, "How are we ever going to make it?"

It doesn't matter what your mind or physical senses tell you! It doesn't matter what the newscasters say! Regardless of what circumstances look like, the Word of God is still true. Get quiet on the inside and begin listening to what your heart—your spirit—is saying. The Holy Spirit will minister the truth of God's Word to you.

Your Heavenly Father is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He can take care of you, just as He took care of the children of Israel in the wilderness. For 40 years He led them by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night (Exod. 13:21). He fed them heavenly manna and kept their shoes and clothing from wearing out (Deut. 8:3–4). He protected them.

God has promised to take care of you too! Your answer may not come the way you have it figured out in your mind, but trust your Heavenly Father. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit's direction to your heart, and He will see you through to victory in every situation!



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Listen to Your Heart: Hearing God in a Noisy World, a book by Kenneth W. Hagin. The Holy Spirit wants to lead us in every area of our lives. He will show us God's plan for our success. When we learn how to hear His voice and do what He says, we will receive God's blessings.

Listen to Heart Book