Heart to Heart May 2014

05 May WOF Pic1Think Big!

//Kenneth W. Hagin

Many Christians are "natural" thinkers. They think according to how they feel and what they see, not according to the Word. But God wants us to be supernatural thinkers! He wants us to "lose our minds" to our old way of thinking and become successful in Him!

God is a big God. He does not think small or second best. Just look in the Old Testament at how He told the Israelites to build a tabernacle in the wilderness. They could have used a few old scrub oaks to make poles and some cow hides to form a shabby covering. But God told them, "Get the best wood. Then cover it with gold and silver" (Exod. 26:32). He had a bigger, better way!

We need to train ourselves with God's Word (Joshua 1:8). We must "lose" our own thoughts of unbelief and take hold of the mind of Christ. How do we do this? By asking ourselves in every situation, "What does the Word say?"

Having this attitude will change how we think, talk, and act. It will keep us aware of God's presence. Then we'll be able to enjoy all of the blessings and benefits His Word promises!

If you're ready to get rid of your old thinking, I encourage you to grab hold of everything this magazine has to offer! My article on page 4 will help you rise into God's best for your life. And Craig's article on page 14 makes faith easy to understand.

I also want to remind you about Memorial Day on May 26. Let's take time to remember and thank God for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. It's because of them that we can live free.