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Building Men of Character

02 Pic 8A Review: A Call to Arms Men's Conference

God wants Christian men to show the world His character. And Kenneth W. Hagin's A Call to Arms Men's Conference was about building that character into those who came.

Men from across the United States and other countries were encouraged, challenged, and equipped to have true godly character. Kenneth W. Hagin urged the men to keep their word, even when it hurts. André Butler reminded them that God will help them every day to live pure lives. Todd White challenged the conference attendees to keep their relationships with God their first priority. And workshop speakers shared practical ways to walk out Christian manhood in day-to-day life.

Powerful worship and ministry, great food, new friends, relaxing times at the gym . . . all were part of this conference.


//Kenneth W. Hagin

In talking about Timothy, the Apostle Paul said "You know his proven character. . ." (Phil. 2:22 NKJV). One definition of the word character is "the moral and ethical qualities of a person; self-control; integrity." Men of character are trustworthy. They keep their word and care about others. They are the same, whether by themselves or with many.

Character is revealed in several ways. During prayer, the Holy Spirit can show us what we need to change to be men of character. Problems—or the pressure they bring—also reveal character. And prosperity—or the lack of it—reveals true character. True character shows up when we're alone. Character does the right thing when nobody's looking.

It takes faith to maintain godly character. And it takes faith to believe that God will help us when we're tempted, to stand strong for what is right, and to resist fear when it tries to grip our minds. When we've messed up, character is what causes us to come to God and believe that He'll forgive us. It also compels us to go to the person we've wronged and ask for forgiveness.

In Daniel chapter 1, we see that Daniel maintained godly character in the midst of a godless society. And because he did, he was promoted by the king. Daniel made a conscious choice to believe God to help him maintain godly character among the Babylonians. In the same way, we have to decide to be men of character no matter what others are doing. It takes character to say no.

We all talk about faith and are believing God for this or that. Why don't we use our faith not just to get healing and things, but to help us build character? We're all different, but we're all tempted in some area. The Word of God will help us overcome whatever temptation we face.

We need to learn how to speak right words. God puts a high value on His Word (Num. 23:19 NLT; Ps. 138:2 NKJV). That means God says what He will do and does what He says. If we're going to run with God, we've got to be men of our word. When we speak, our words can't be empty. Empty words don't have any power.

Let's decide to be men of godly character, no matter what. I believe that God will help us and give us the strength we need.



—André Butler
From "No Hint of
Sexual Immorality"

"God has made available to you the strength and ability you need to do everything He's told you to do. The Bible says in Second Peter chapter 1 that He's given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness. You can live holy in 2013. You can live holy in the midst of this crazy society. You can do it. God's strength and ability will help you do it. God wants you to get to the place He has planned for you. He's not just standing on the side saying, 'Come on. Knock it out.' He's getting in the ring with you and giving you the strength and ability you need to knock this thing out of your life once and for all. . . . You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you!"



"Everything is competing for intimacy time [with God]: business, ministry, all that stuff. You have to be very careful to not be caught up in all that stuff and lose your relationship with God. What good is it if I come here and share with you but don't have a relationship with Jesus? I will labor in vain, because the Lord builds the house. I can preach the truth. But outside of the reality of my relationship with God, the truth won't keep me free. I can quote as many scriptures as I want. But the reality of this thing is my love relationship with God. And my being in love with God enables me not to be sucked up into the world's vortex."

—Todd White
From "Consumed by
Your Relationship
With God"


"We don't really have a porn problem. We have a thinking problem. And obviously the thinking problem eventually leads us to porn. Proverbs 23:7 which says, 'As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,' is true."
—Gene Bailey
From the workshop
" 'Porn' Identity"

"To win in life you need someone who sees and understands what's going on more than you. . . . Who are those mentors in your life that see your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots? You have to have them."
—Paul Foslien
From the workshop

"Because I know about attitude, I take responsibility for my own attitude. Nobody else has the ability to take my right attitude away from me if I choose to control it."
—Wyatt Brown
From the workshop

"What you focus on will equal your reality. If you focus on a tragic event that has happened in your past, you'll become depressed; versus focusing on it as an opportunity for God to show how big and great He is."
—Victor Blanco
From the workshop
" 'I Am That I Am' "

"Learning is important. But learning by itself does not cause mind renewal. Romans 12:2 (NCV) says, . . . 'be changed within by a new way of thinking, then you will be able to decide what God wants for you.'"
—Al Jennings
From the workshop

"You think . . . when you get
married . . . that the world's going
to close in behind you and say, 'They lived happily ever after.' But you have to make your 'happily ever after.' "
—Mark Bintliff
From the workshop
"Lock & Load: Hitting the Target"