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Testimonies from Healing School

For over 30 years, Rhema's Healing School has taught people how to receive and keep their healing. We've seen lumps and tumors dissolve, cancers disappear, and hearts return to normal. We've seen those given just a few weeks to live walk out healed and whole. But don't take our word for it. Check out some testimonies for yourself!

"I had breast cancer with metastasis to the spine, pelvis, lungs, and lymph nodes around the heart. After attending Healing School, hearing the Word, and receiving the laying on of hands, I am now cancer-free. A bone scan and blood work show no traces of cancer."

"I had cardiomyopathy and heart failure. My heart was functioning at only 20 percent. Normal heart function is said to be 55 percent. I attended Healing School. I studied the Word that was taught and had hands laid on me for healing. I left and went back to my home and continued to listen to healing scripture tapes. I went back to my doctor to have this test done again and the results were wonderful. They showed my heart functioning at 50 percent. I feel so much better!"

"I had been diagnosed with MS and had been attending Healing School for a time. I was confined to a wheelchair. I also fell and broke a bone in my leg. After sitting under the teaching of God's Word, I have learned so much. . . . With the laying on of hands, I have received strength to walk and I can stand pain-free. I am no longer in a wheelchair and my reflexes have improved in walking. The broken bone was healed and I am now able to walk up stairs and ride an exercise bike."

"When I first went to Healing School, I couldn't even walk. I literally had to use a walker, because my thyroid was all messed up and doctors didn't know what to do. Over a period of several months, I continued to attend Healing School, and I went from a walker to a cane to nothing. My thyroid is now completely normal."
Broken Arrow, OK

Diagnosis: Lupus
"I came to Healing School every day for two weeks. I went back home and had a checkup and the doctor was confused when she couldn't find it. I told her God healed me! The rashes, swelling, and aching joints are gone."
Cleveland, OH

"I fell and damaged my rotator cuff. After hands were laid on me, I could lift my right arm. I was also able to read scripture in my Bible for the first time in five or six years. And I got filled with the Holy Spirit."
—Mary (Age 89)
Crosby, Texas

"I had a sciatic nerve injury and partial hip replacement that caused me a lot of discomfort and pain. After prayer, my right leg straightened and my right hip popped. The soreness in my hip and weakness in my foot are gone. I move better than before."
Tulsa, OK

"Due to a brain stem injury, I had nerve damage. I was experiencing weakness on my left side and was confined to a wheelchair because of my inability to walk. After attending Healing School, by the end of the week I was walking. I was out of the wheelchair the first day of Healing School, and today I ran for the first time in seven months! Glory to His holy Name!"

"I was hospitalized in February 2005 for heart problems. The doctors said I had a scar tissue deposit in my heart and also left ventricular myopathy and my heart had thickened as a result. I started attending the morning sessions of Healing School. Three weeks ago, I had an EKG and an ultrasound of my heart. Yesterday, my doctor told me that my heart is totally healthy and I don't have left ventricular myopathy. My ventricles are healthy! My body is healed!"
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I went to the hospital with bleeding of the lung and pneumonia. A recent CT scan showed lumps on my right lung. I've been going to morning Healing School, and during that time I've had hands laid on me in prayer. I went in yesterday for a bronchoscopy, and the doctor who did the procedure told me he found nothing in my lung. He said the lumps had shrunk and there was nothing to show for the past bleeding."
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"When I came to morning Healing School on Monday, I came with excruciating lower back pain. It was very painful to sit during the teaching, but I continued Monday through Wednesday. When I came back the following Monday, I walked in with no pain! I'm healed! To God be the glory!"
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I was suffering from swelling and spasms in my left hand and joint pain that kept me from being able to open my hand or move my shoulders. I recently woke up one morning at 4:30 when a friend called me on his way home from work to see if I had taken my medication. My left hand was swollen at the index joint and I couldn't open it. As I began telling my friend what I had been learning at morning Healing School and quoting scriptures to him, I tried to massage the pain from my joint. (In the past, it has taken me up to half a day to massage the pain away.) I said, "I learned by Jesus' stripes I was healed." As I spoke, suddenly the pain was gone and I was able to open my hand with no problem. The swelling is still gone. Thank you for all the loving care and preaching. I came feeling empty after four years of extreme pain. I am leaving with joy and healing!"
Frisco, Texas

"I was diagnosed with a tumor in my uterus. After sitting under the teaching of the Word and having hands laid on me, there is no tumor. Praise the Lord!"

"I was diagnosed with TMJ and was having pain on both sides of my jaw. I could not bite any kind of food. I praise God for healing me at Healing School. No more pain from TMJ!"

"I don't need to use the walking stick anymore. My body is not weak and there is no pain."

"I had an irregular heartbeat. After hands were laid on me, I felt a pressure being removed from under my ribs. Thank You, Jesus!"



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