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 "Our destiny is determined by our prayer life."

—Lynette Hagin 

Rhema Prayer School

At Rhema's Prayer School, Rhema Bible Training College students and others immerse themselves in an atmosphere of victory. Prayer School is held Tuesday through Thursday when the college is in session. Founded in 1979 by Kenneth E. Hagin, Prayer School is a place where the Spirit of God can move freely. And it is a place where those learning how to pray are taught by both precept and example. People attending Prayer School learn to follow the Holy Spirit and take hold of the things of God. They pray boldly for nations, for Rhema, and for God's plan for their own lives.

"This is a Prayer School. We're going to learn to pray in various ways. However, in these services, we're not only going to teach prayer, but we're going to pray."

—Kenneth E. Hagin

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"Revival is fueled by prayer."

—Lynette Hagin

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"If we want the will of God to be done on this earth, it is our responsibility to pray that His will is done."

—Lynette Hagin

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"Our nation is at a critical time in its history, and prayer is what will turn it around."

—Kenneth W. Hagin

"We are to pray in the Name of Jesus to the Father. We are to pray for results."

—Kenneth E. Hagin

"You can increase your power in prayer 100 percent by praying in the spirit and in tongues."

—Kenneth E. Hagin