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Picture Yourself Healed

Picture Yourself HealedBy Kenneth W. Hagin

If you need healing, find and meditate on a Bible passage that tells of someone receiving their healing.

In other words, as you drive to work, go about your day, cook dinner—even as you begin to go to sleep at night, imagine that person’s Paint a Picturestory. Picture the passage in your mind, reliving in your thoughts the experiences that person went through according to the Word. This will paint a picture of God the Healer at work.

After you have a picture of that person receiving healing from God firmly painted in your heart and mind, begin to picture yourself receiving healing! Picture Jesus receiving stripes upon His back to obtain your healing. Imagine Him on the Cross, providing total well-being for you—body, soul, and spirit. Dwell on God’s healing power at work in your body, and see it affecting a healing and a cure in your particular situation. 

Executing The Basics Of Healing

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