April 2017


It’s All About the Cross

6 April2017 CWH SinglePg// Craig W. Hagin

WHEN WE THINK about the Cross of Calvary, sometimes we only think of forgiveness and healing. But so much more happened. We see in Isaiah 53:4–5 (AMPC) that Jesus bore our griefs, sicknesses, weaknesses, distresses, sorrows, pains, punishments, transgressions, guilt, and iniquities. His blood was shed so we would have peace, well-being, healing, and wholeness.


Teaching Faith in the Netherlands

7 April2017 ReportingArticle VonkemansSpecial Report

BERT AND LONNEKE VONKEMAN ('05 RBTC USA graduates) are changing the image of church in the Netherlands. Taking to heart Kenneth E. Hagin's mandate, "Go teach my people faith," they are seeing their church members firmly stand on the Word with miraculous results.

Although predominant denominations in Holland have been dwindling with many buildings sitting empty, Good News Church—which the Vonkemans started in 2007—is breaking that trend.


Receiving Answers to Prayer

9 April2017 KEHarticle TimelessTeachingTimeless Teachings

// Kenneth E. Hagin

THE PRAYER COMMONLY referred to as the Lord's Prayer (Matt. 6:9–13), begins with the words, "Our Father which art in heaven." In Matthew chapter 7, Jesus again taught on prayer and compared the earthly relationship between a father and son to the believer's relationship with the Heavenly Father.


How to Resolve Conflicts

8 April2017 KWH SinglePg// Kenneth W. Hagin

WHEN CONFLICT arises in your life, do you know how to handle it? Do your tactics lead to heated debate, strife, and more problems? Do you refuse to deal with adversity by pretending that it doesn't exist?

We need to learn how to handle conflicts when they arise. Situations that aren't dealt with become opportunities for strife, confusion, and offense.


How to Get a Financial Breakthrough

10 April2017 KEH SinglePg// Kenneth E. Hagin

FROM MY EXPERIENCE of almost 70 years of preaching faith, I've concluded that more people fail when it comes to faith for finances than anything else.

That's because they're trying to exercise faith but haven't sown any seed! They want God to bless their finances even though they haven't planted anything. Even so, it's amazing how He'll have mercy on them and help them.

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