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Winter Bible Seminar and Rhema Homecoming 2024 Recap



 Winter Bible Seminar 2024 brought together Rhema family from around the world for a week filled with unity, fellowship, and inspiration from the teaching of the Word.

Speakers taught on topics ranging from moving beyond the past and what it really means to be like Jesus, to faith for healing and learning to listen to God's voice. The sessions were marked by moments of deep prayer, thankfulness to God, prophetic utterances, healings, and psalms and spiritual songs.

The conference served as reminder of the power of unity in spreading the message of faith. Attendees left refreshed, strengthened in spirit, and equipped to impact their communities, churches, and families with the Word and power of God.

Make plans to join us next year for Winter Bible Seminar and Rhema Worldwide Homecoming 2025, February 16-21. In the meantime, here are some highlights from the week.



 Speaker Highlights

 "God is always faithful. It doesn't matter what your situation looks like. God will deliver you.   Nothing is too hard for Him. He is a turnaround specialist. People miss it when they continually focus on the problem. You can't deny a situation's existence. It exists, but God's faithfulness says, 'I will come through for you.' "
//   Kenneth W. Hagin

"The more praying we do, the more God is able to do for us on the earth. The Lord wants us to pray in agreement. As we pray together, it enlarges the power and speeds up answers to our prayers. If we all came together as the Body of Christ agreeing, there is nothing we couldn't accomplish for God."
// Lynette Hagin

"When you have the Greater One inside you, there is no battle you will fight that you'll ever lose. You may be thinking, 'How am I going to overcome?' Take yourself out of the equation. Your part is to only believe. When the Bible says only believe, it means only believe and drop the mic. All things are possible to those who believe."
// Craig W. Hagin

"When you graduated from RBTC, you made a commitment to take Jesus to the world. The mandate is what binds us together. As a family, each member has a responsibility so the Rhema family can operate the way God designed it. What are our family commitments? One: we serve together. Two: love unconditionally. Three: stand in unity. Four: pray together."
// Denise Hagin Burns


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